How To Fb Hacker Online In Less Than 3 Minutes

How To Fb Hacker Online In Less Than 3 Minutes

hack fbIn social networking websites like Facebook, cyber-terrorists are burning the midnight oil in planning their dubious deeds. The obvious way of knowing when your account is used without your authority is when strange stuff occur therein, even if you did not do anything. Here are a few tips that may help you avoid account hackers, and at the same time, to help you understand what to do if your Facebook account is hacked.

First, you need to have a very strong password. This is not to say your password should be a combination of words as well as letters that you can hardly remember. A strong password rather, has a combination of big and small case characters and numbers. They say that it is doubly hard for your online account to get hacked if the security password starts with a letter rather than a number. Avoid sharing your password and avoid using common passwords like surnames, your pet's name, birthdays, and the like. Your Facebook and email account security codes should also be different. Avoid downloading applications that look fishy and those that are unfamiliar to you. Have an updated antivirus installed on your pc before opening a new account.

If you realize your account has been hacked, there are 5 simple steps that you should do. Visit Facebook Help Center and get information about how to reclaim your account. If you are using the same password for your email, change that immediately. The hacker might get access to your email account too. If unfortunately, your email account has been hacked too, get information on how to reclaim your email account, too. Carefully visit all the accounts you have with that password and change every one of them just to be sure.

Next, scan your computer for viruses or spyware present. If you used a different computer to gain access to the account, keep the owner informed in order that he can carry out a scan as well. Check your account for any suspicious applications and delete them immediately. Watch out for the most recent apps you installed as they are more likely to be the root cause. Visit the privacy settings and click on the link that permits you to change your application settings. If you have any application that you're unaware of, delete it. Applications should not gain access to your profile. A number of them would set up updates for you without your knowledge.

Finally, you may want to alert your family and friends that your account was hacked so that if they receive malicious emails from your account, they're going to disregard them. Doing this helps prevent your family and friends from becoming victims as well. The hacker could be using your account to get through some of family's personal hack fb information, so, this step should not be omitted.

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